Being creative can be overwhelming. To have so many ideas in your head to juggle. I have struggled the last year with idea after idea after idea. Is that necessarily a problem? Not really. But not allowing it to flow can be. Not organizing your thoughts and writing them down and making a plan to move forward with them. Being a self taught photographer, I come by EVERYTHING it feels the hard way. In the last 45 days I have purchased a notebook and began to write my ideas down and actually make a plan to complete at least one of them. I finally did accomplish one of the many ideas I have stored in my head and it was liberating. Those feelings of insecurity have diminished. Wondering whether models will look at me as if I had a few screws loose. I have to say that finally embarking on that adventure regardless of what people thought paid off in a bigger way than I could have imagined. I am being published again…but this time…my photo has landed the cover… The one thing I keep saying and having to remind myself is to not let others interfere with your creative process. And I keep proving to myself that if I just listen and hold true to it, great things will happen. The only person that needs to believe in you….is you.