It has been a while since my last blog post. Not b/c there hasn’t been anything to talk about. Quite the opposite. Lots of ups and down, twists and turns, with a few flips and OMGs. But as I sit here and reflect on this past year and look at where I started to where I am now….I am amazed at my growth. My growth in my business, in my personal life, in my spirituality, and my confidence. No…I am not cocky yet. Lol. I have been sitting at my desk and staring into space the last couple weeks. Not b/c I am lost but b/c there are so many great things that I have accomplished and new directions that I am heading. I am currently going thru the rebranding process with a talented web designer by the name of Rodney Clansy, I would definitely send him an email if you are looking for a fresh/new/or upgraded look. I am starting to figure out where I want to be in the photography field. Yes, I am still going to create Fine Art and sell them, but I gravitating more and more in a different direction than just landscapes. I accredit that to my growth. How open I have become to starting a conversation with complete strangers, meeting new people without a second thought, and working with other creatives that have a different perspective on courses of action. All of these thoughts in my head about all the incredible things I have lined up for 2019 has me bursting at the seams with excitement and fear of the unknown. I can definitely say that I am going into 2019 with more organization and direction on what needs to be accomplished for the year. Last year this time, I was excited but still putting my hands into too many different creative places and I almost burnt myself out before mid year. But I guess that is why you should always take time to reflect on where you came from and where you want to go so you can make your path the most accurate and direct. It is really easy to get side tracked by all the wonderful facets of photography. Each world different from the other. No matter what your endeavors are for 2019, self reflection is a must. Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish by the end of 2019. Keep the goals obtainable in a year’s time. Then do it!