Starting 2019 off right with a daring challenge to find a location that as a photographer I would normally not shoot. That wasn’t very hard for me. I run into it a lot with family shoots and I am almost always intimidated and anxious b/c who wants to spend a million hours editing….??? I know that I don’t. I like to get it right the first time and done. While visiting my family in North Carolina I decided to take on my sister and her 3 adorable kids. My 2 nieces and nephew. Here is is…the location….



Just what you expect to see when an 11 year old, 6 year old, and 10 month old are at large. What could I possibly do with this… ? Here goes nothing….several shots later and there were several that I liked but I think this shot was the closest I came to a natural shot. It certainly wasn’t intended but it was meaningful.



this is my entry for the challenge at

For kicks and giggles I will share my 2nd favorite photo from this challenge.



So my niece asks me, Aunt Tye…why do you want me to put my hand on my face. I said, b/c it looks dramatic. She says well if you want dramatic here you go. This little girl just kills me. Lol.

Keep challenging yourself and pushing the limits!