Product photography. On my journey I have taken a turn to explore this avenue of photography. As I am finding, it seems that all facets of the photography world are a lot more difficult that it appears. Product photography definitely challenges my creativity. How do you make a product’s personality show? That in fact is the key to this type of photography. It isn’t just cut and dry. I have played with it today and I find myself thinking, what can I do that hasn’t already been done? Today’s adventure was Knob Creek smoked maple whiskey. You have to have a plan. Of course, the bottle shouldn’t be almost empty either*snicker* But where can I place this bottle and what can I do to draw out the taste just by looking at the picture? My plan began on my kitchen table…not too thrilled with the outcome. It seemed rather boring and lacked personality. I made my way into my studio and that made it seem too stiff and bland. So finally I ended in the back yard. And for once I was able to say, it’s a good thing I didn’t clean the yard up, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything natural to work with. Lol. After a dozen or so different shots and ideas in my head I finally settled on a couple poses that I liked…yes I posed the product. I am pretty happy with the outcome. My next product challenge will need to be something not so glamorous. Would love some suggestions from my readers. Let me know what product that you see out there that I can obviously get my hands on and be creative with it? This will be my project the weekend after next. As I am taking my journey to Chi-Town this weekend. Street photography.